Monday, 9 May 2016


It's a cliche because it's true - the only certainty, is that nothing is certain. Life has taken an expected but nevertheless challenging turn. Rather than let others decide my fate I've made the decision myself. In a few weeks I will be cranking up my graphic design business - Dr GrafixGraphic design is different to visual art but it isn't a completely new field - it's more of a parallel lane than a completely new highway.

But first I need to nurture my creative soul after what has been a very difficult 3 years in my 10+ year career as a TAFE lecturer. There are some difficult emotions to work through and I am feeling battered but I don't think it will take long to rid myself of the feeling of oppression I have been living under - I feel lighter already. I may even start to blog regularly again. Unfortunately when you work for the government it is necessary to self-censor.

I will keep studying for my Diploma of Graphic Design. I am doing quite well. I won a student competition with 5 illustrations and am often asked by tutors if they can use my work as an example for other students. I also need to create a new website and finally get my portfolio sorted out before taking on some self-promotion.

The prospect of a new career at my age is daunting but I am feeling reasonably confident I can make the transition. I am used to jumping off the cliff but it gets harder as you get older because you don't bounce quite as well. Stay tuned.