Friday, 21 April 2017


This is a WIP creature design. The background is based on the view from my kitchen window (though I've added in the buildings and removed some trees). I don't know why I felt compelled to give her several breasts, but when I did some research the motivation was revealed (as it often is).

In Roman mythology this many-breasted fertility goddess of the woodlands, wild animals and hunting is known as Diana. In Greek mythology she is Artemis. Artists often portray her as a virgin hunter with bow and quiver, accompanied by maidens, hunting dogs, or deer.

Although she is a 'goddess of light' who represents the moon, Diana is also associated with Hecate - the Greek goddess of darkness and witchcraft who reigns over the kingdom of the dead. In mediaeval times this goddess was denounced as 'queen of the witches' or 'goddess of the heathen'. Religious leaders often referred to her as the 'devil' - a fairly predictable patriarchal response.

This is the second pass. I changed the background colours to make it look more 'distasteful' and made the wings a 'flesh' colour so they integrate with the body better.

I really indentify with this female character. As goddess of forests and hunting, she is pure and virginal. Yet she is also arrogant and vengeful. As moon-goddess she is mercurial and unpredictable. As goddess of the underworld she is unforgiving and bloodthirsty.

Artemis is another classic 'vengeful goddess' - rising up from the collective unconscious because the feminine desperately needs heroes.

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  1. Marvellous! Did you really post this 3 weeks ago? I hadn't seen it.


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